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Derrick Rose got his own, custom made Skittles machine. Top that Durant.

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Skittles are where it’s at. Forget Lamar Odom and his candy obsession, that’s just one M&M in the bag. More NBA players than you think love Skittles.

I mean love. Michael Beasley sung their praises. Kevin Durant’s neighbors bring them to him. There are many more NBA players who you can always catch with a bag of Skittles on them.

But Derrick Rose has taken it to a new level.

He now has a custom Skittles machine in his pad, as CNBC’s Darren Rovell reports.

Earlier this month, they brought a custom, tricked-out Skittles vending machine to his house and promised to keep it stocked with Skittles for at least three years.

Rose gets the machine and the Skittles for free; the Skittles brand has a chance of getting more love from Rose; and the Bulls, I guess, hope Rose’s sugar highs peak at the right time.

The folks at Wrigley would only confirm the following facts: The picture is real. The machine holds every variety of Skittles. And it even tempts him, in his own voice, whenever he walks by the machine.

A candy machine that talks to you, that’s showing up in somebody’s nighmares.