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LeBron James laughingly says he’d rather retire than get traded to Orlando Magic (video)

The Orlando Magic remain the butt of the joke among the Los Angeles Lakers.

At least with LeBron James, unlike Kyle Kuzma, it’s not because the Magic are so much less relevant.

LeBron’s slight stems from spending so much time in the bubble last season.

LeBron on “The Shop":

That’s part of the reason I haven’t taken my daughter to Disney World. You got to understand, any time I hear Orlando right now, I get PTSD. I was in the bubble for 95 –

So Orlando has no chance in free agency? LeBron:

They have no chance.

What if you get traded to Orlando:

I’m not going.
I’m just retiring. It’s over. LeBron has been traded to Orlando. LeBron lives in Malibu. [Confused shrug] He’s not going.

LeBron – like many players – had a rough time in the bubble. That he won a championship there and still looks back on the experience as so grueling says plenty.

The good news for LeBron: The Lakers would never trade him to the Magic.