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Marcus Camby would give Greg Oden some advice, if he was around at all

Marcus Camby is the starting center for the Portland Trail Blazers. He’s a veteran who was once underrated, then overrated, and then swung back around to underrated. He was a huge part of the Blazers ability to stay in the playoffs despite the massive number of injuries they sustained. He brought physical play and awareness to a team that needed it.

So he’s got a lot he can share with Greg Oden, who many consider to be the most important element of the Blazers’ championship hopes. And he would be totally willing to share that with Oden. If, you know, the kid was around at all. Blazers Edge caught up with Camby recently, and he says he hasn’t really seen the kid during his time with the Blazers... at all.

“I haven’t really seen him all summer, he hasn’t really been around the team since I’ve been around the team, the second half of the season,” Camby admitted. “Hopefully when he comes back he comes back healthy. I would just tell him to just keep working hard. It’s a tough injury to come back from. We have a great training staff up there in Portland. He’s definitely a big part of what we hope to do around there in Portland.”

Right. Well, Camby hasn’t been there that long, really. Just February. So, seven months. Okay, that’s kind of a hard time, but Camby doesn’t say he’s been absent the whole time, just mostly.

At some point, there needs to be some emphasis put on the fact that Oden maintains a distance from Portland. He can’t get around following surgery. That’s completely understandable. But there still hasn’t been that outstanding effort to ingrain himself with Portland as a culture and as a team.

Oden may be the future of the Blazers, but he can’t be dragged there kicking and screaming if that’s going to happen.