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Steve Nash says he still hasn’t healed from broken knee suffered in 2012

Steve Nash last played basketball in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2014. Nash was part of the ill-advised roster in the City of Angels that included Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant.

Nash, who battled back and knee problems during his time with the Lakers, is now a commentator for both soccer and the NBA on TNT. At age 45, both are pretty good gigs for the former 2-time MVP and Naismith Hall of Famer.

Meanwhile, Nash’s former teammate Howard has rejoined the Lakers and it’s got many of us thinking about those “Now This Is Going to be Fun” Los Angeles teams from the early part of this decade. Say what you will about their fit on paper, the reality is that those Lakers teams were never fully healthy. Howard had back surgery, Bryant tore his Achilles in 2013, and Nash broke his knee at the joining of the tibula and fibula after colliding with Damian Lillard in 2012.

The Lakers — and Nash — have never really been the same since. L.A. hasn’t won more than 40 games since that 2012-13 season, even after adding LeBron James last summer. Nash, meanwhile, says his body simply doesn’t function the same as it used to before that knee break.

Via the BS Report:

I’m still not the same. I broke the tib-fib joint in my knee in my first or second game with the Lakers and it was inside the joint where it articulates, and with my back problem… since that break, my body’s different. Just the way it responds to everything.

Nash went on to explain that he believes there are compounding nerve issues based on how he had been injured prior to his broken knee that have not allowed him to heal.

It’s unclear how Howard’s second run with the Lakers will turn out, but no doubt Nash will never forget has experience in L.A. thanks to what his body has deal with everyday.