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Dane Delgado

Doncic posted his second straight triple-double - and third of the season - with 29 points, 14 rebounds and 15 assists.
Perhaps this is why the Spurs wanted him this summer?
Doncic has to feel pretty good about the high praise from one of the game’s greatest players.
Give us the Giannis movie and seven more JJ Abrams Star Wars titles and call it good.
Gasol seems to lament what he sees as a lack of beauty in the modern NBA via quick possessions and massive shooting numbers.
Jimmy Butler is now a member of the Miami Heat, but it looks like some of his toughness rubbed off on the Philadelphia 76ers and Joel Embiid.
Getting Kuzma back on the floor before winter takes over will be good for the Lakers’ cohesiveness come spring.
Glad nobody got spooked too bad. Except Udonis Haslem. Dude was sweating his fears out.
Hopefully Durant won’t grow to regret his choice simply because the Nets looked grassy and wanted wear.
The real issue will be whether Howard can actually translate his efficiency numbers by staying on the court.
Russell said that he never knew for certain that Brooklyn was looking to send him to the West Coast.
Irving has a reputation, and there seems to be some reticence to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Young appeared to be in serious pain.
It’s a good thing this stopped before Shaq took the route he did with Kobe Bryant.
Morant will be a serious challenger to Zion Williamson for the 2020 Rookie of the Year award in the NBA.
Houston was the 26th team In terms of pace last season.
Ricky Rubio, Aron Baynes, and Oubre fouled out just a minute into OT, and the Suns lost to Denver, 108-107.
He’s probably halfway to paying off his student loans with that sweet chunk of cash.
He has made just six threes during his time in the NBA.
It’s a dream come true for Harden haters everywhere.
James is still trying to hang on to his hairline for dear life. Too bad his hairline isn’t doing the same.
A group of fans at the Rockets’ season opener against the Bucks held signs and wore shirts in support of protesters in Hong Kong.