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Poll: Who has the toughest, easiest schedule?


On the Forecheck shared its annual super schedule on Saturday, chronicling all 30 teams’ approximate mileage and back-to-back sets for the 2013-14 season. This post covers the team with the most miles (San Jose Sharks) and other factors, but tonight seems like a good night to ask: who has it the easiest and who has it the toughest?


It’s important to note that some might weigh sheer mileage more than back-to-backs (and the other way around), so check the super schedule to get a full view of the 30 teams. Of course, for many, quality of division and even conference might factor in, too.

Even so, here are five teams with fairly low travel totals and back-to-backs:

New York Rangers - 29,839 miles, 13 back-to-back
Buffalo Sabres - 34,812 miles, 13 BtB
Ottawa Senators - 34,850 miles, 16 BtB
Philadelphia Flyers - 34,929 miles, 14 BtB
Detroit Red Wings - 35,324 miles, 15 BtB

(The St. Louis Blues might face the easiest haul of the West teams, with 39,328 miles and 13 BtB.)

Vote below:

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The same factors could be considered for the roughest rides. Here are five of note:

San Jose Sharks - 57,612 miles, just 10 BtB
Phoenix Coyotes - 52,633 miles, 12 BtB
Vancouver Canucks - 48,510 miles, 17 BtB
Anaheim Ducks - 48,568 miles, 14 BtB
Los Angeles Kings - 48,432 miles, 14 BtB

(The Boston Bruins might have the toughest East mix with 42,389 miles and 17 BtB.)

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