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Question for commenters: What, if anything, needs to be done about the officiating?


Officiating is always a hot-button issue in the playoffs, but this year the button seems hotter than normal.

Last night in San Jose featured the latest controversial call of the 2013 postseason, when an early whistle cost the Los Angeles Kings a goal.

Now, referees are going to make mistakes -- they’re only human and hockey is a fast game. Everyone screws up sometimes. Even you.

But there’s also the issue of consistency, i.e. the standard of officiating.

Bottom line: Players don’t seem to know what constitutes a penalty anymore. And frankly, sometimes we’re not sure the referees do either.

The fans, based on the comments we get at PHT, definitely don’t.

(Not that consistency is solely an NHL issue. How many times have baseball fans complained that some umps have massive strike zones while others are far less pitcher-friendly? In basketball, there are endless complaints about star players getting preferential treatment.)

So what, if anything, would you like to see done about the officiating in the NHL?

Does there need to be some sort of rules summit this offseason, where the league tries to get everyone on the same page?

Do refs need to be held more publicly accountable, if only to give the fans and players their pound of flesh when mistakes are made?

Does there need to be more video review?

Or, should everyone just stop whining?

We know you have ideas, so go share them.