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Sources of frustration in the Big Apple

Brandon Dubinsky, Paul Devorski

New York Rangers’ Brandon Dubinsky, right, trips up referee Paul Devorski as he falls to the ice in the first period against the Washington Nationals during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals of the NHL hockey Stanley Cup playoffs Wednesday, April 22, 2009, at Madison Square Garden in New York. The Rangers won 2-1. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)


Every now and then, Pro Hockey Talk will ask for insight from some of the best team bloggers out there. For this feature, we asked a simple question: “Who is your team’s most frustrating player?” Just for fun, Brandon and I also provided our “guesses” as to who that player might be. First, here are our guesses for the Rangers.

Brandon: Chris Drury

Because $7 million a season was completely worth it.

James: Wade Redden

Say what you will about Chris Drury, at least he can bring something to the table. It’s pretty difficult to justify Redden’s hockey existence.

Next up, we have Scotty Hockey representing the Rangers. Scotty’s one of our favorite bloggers. Make sure to check his blog out, especially if you’re a fan of the Blueshirts.

James was kind enough to ask me who my greatest source of frustrationwas on the Rangers. But he went on to ask for a guy with skill and/ornumbers who have some kind of flaw that draws you up a wall. Well, theRangers have three players with numbers and flaws ... but the numbersJames wanted were points on the ice, not obscene digits in their bankaccounts. So, that pretty much rules out Wade Redden, Michal Roszivaland Chris Drury - infuriating players, all.

That leaves me in the poor position of picking someone who has beengood but not as good as we have hoped. Regular readers of my blog knowI have been disappointed by Artem Anisimov but it isn’t hisinconsistent play that is frustrating - the fact that he hasn’t beensent back to Hartford for further development is.

Jump for Scotty’s choice

So, all factors considered, I would have to go with Brandon Dubinsky.Dubi held out to start the season, was thought to be a possiblefirst-line center and has just 37 points in 60 games. He was a greatcompliment to Jaromir Jagr but never found chemistry with Gaborik andhas been up and down the lineup and has recently been put on the wing.Just seven of his 37 points have come with the man advantage and herarely uses his size to his advantage. Dubi has developed marginally -because of or in spite of the current coaching regime - but he has yetto make the leap to stardom. For years now I have believed that he has the tools to become a JasonArnott-esque player for the Blueshirts but now wouldn’t be surprisedin the least if he gets dealt in the offseason as the Rangers seek towork around Redden, Rozy and Drury’s contracts and bring another staron Broadway. He is turning 24 at the end of April so there is plentyof time for Dubi to develop but the Rangers are not known for theirpatience with prospects and corporate clients would surely love to seeanother big name added to the marquee beside Gaborik and Lundqvist.

And, as I wrote this piece pointing out his flaws, Dubinsky fired awrister that deflected off of two Devils and went past Mmmaaarrrtttyyyto tie Thursday night’s Ranger game at one. How frustrating is that?Timing is everything, isn’t it? But hopefully time isn’t running outfor him in New York. No matter how frustrating he has been.