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Manny Ramirez has three sons named Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez
This article from Paul Hoynes is not about that really -- it just comes up only in passing -- but it’s gonna stick with me all day:

“My numbers are there,” said Ramirez. “No one is going take those away from me. To be honest with you, I don’t even think about that. My Hall of Fame is my wife, my family, my kids.”

Ramirez has three baseball-playing sons. He named them all Manny. The oldest is a first baseman for the University of San Francisco.

I am shocked that I did not know this. I am not at all shocked, however, that Ramirez did this. It’s about the most Manny thing possible. Or maybe the most George Foreman thing possible. I dunno. Or maybe it’s . . .

@craigcalcaterra Manny being Manny, being Manny, being Manny, being Manny.

— Lou Pellegrino (@Lou_Pellegrino) June 16, 2015

The rest of the article is worth your time. It’s spurred by an upcoming anniversary celebration/reunion of the 1995 Indians team which Ramirez makes it sound like he had no idea about before the reporter told him about it. As if Ramirez, who works for the Cubs, couldn’t be tracked down. Like he’s that guy you graduated high school with who moved way out west and drifted for a few years and now doesn’t have a Facebook page or anything. “Whatever happened to Manny,” they’ll all ask? Paul Sorrento or someone will say “I hear he was in Wyoming in ’04,” but then the trail goes cold.

Ramirez also name-checks Julio Franco when mentioning that he’s not officially retired yet. He’s just joking about that. I think.