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Video: Myrtle Beach manager Joe Mikulik had a good old fashioned metldown yesterday

Video camera

I saw this at Sporting News, but it’s gonna be everywhere before the end of the day. It’s Myrtle Beach manager Joe Mikulik, who is not content to merely be ejected:

This is the other side of the coin from the ump show stuff we highlighted earlier today. Just because you can be a jackwagon like this -- and just because managers in the days of yore made something close to a habit of it -- doesn’t mean you should. For a game so preoccupied with professionalism, I would hope that people would frown on these kinds of tantrums more.

Even if, in isolation, yes, they’re kind of hilarious.

Be sure to check out that Sporting News link. They have past examples of Mikulik acting like a loon.