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Guess which Laker started talking about the NBA Finals already? Go on, guess.

If you guessed Andrew Bynum, you’re a winner!

On the one hand, Bynum’s completely right to start talking about a Lakers-Celtics Finals. The Lakers easily dispatched the Suns in Games 1 and 2, and the Celtics have taken the Magic out the back door and thrown them in the gutter. So stating the obvious, that the two teams are going to meet isn’t outrageous in any sense.

What it is, however, is a dangerous piece of bulletin board material for the Phoenix Suns.

Bynum told reporters that “it’s going to be amazing to play against those guys again, especially having lost” when asked about playing the more physical Celtics.

And he wasn’t done.

“We’re going to have a lot of fuel, a lot of ammo to go at those guys,” Bynum said. “They’re definitely a great team, they got great veterans on their squad and we know that. So we’re already getting prepared. The first step is closing out Game 3 and after that, we’ll be focusing on Boston, looking at them play, watching how they’re playing Orlando and just trying to pick up as much as we can.”

So yeah. That’s, uh... a big flip of the bird to the karmic Gods. Luckily, Bynum plays for the Lakers, the Gods’ favorite fleet, so there will be no repercussions. But Bynum would do well to remember that the Suns came back from 3-1 to beat the Lakers a few years ago. That was a much worse Lakers team (and arguably a much better Suns team), but you also don’t want to top that by somehow losing a series after going up 3-0.

It’s good to be the Kings of the NBA. You can back up your talk, as Bynum and company will likely do tonight versus the Suns.