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Josh Hart says he learned of his inclusion in Anthony Davis trade via Twitter

Twitter is faster than just about anything these days when it comes to news. The NBA is particularly adept at making sure news is available on the social media platform, sometimes to a fault.

Newest breakers like Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams charania have made it so that sometimes players have to learn about transactions involving their livelihood via Twitter.

According to Josh Hart, that’s exactly what happened when he was traded by the Los Angeles Lakers to the New Orleans Pelicans this offseason.

Speaking on his LightHarted Podcast this week, Hart talked about how he learned from Twitter that he had been traded by the Pelicans in the Anthony Davis deal.

Via LightHarted Podcast, transcribed via
Robby Kalland:

“I find out, really, over Twitter,” Hart says. “My agent’s calling me and right before I pick up my phone, all I hear is in the background my brother just say, ‘aw, f*ck.’ I’m like, what is going on? I’m playing video games. I’m chilling. So I pick up the phone like, yo waddup. ‘Yo dawg, I think you’ve been traded.’ What, huh? You think? What do you mean you think? ‘I’ll call you back.’

“So I go on Twitter and I see it like, ‘OK, that’s interesting,’” Hart continued. “Like you said, with players and all that, the biggest thing is just the communication aspect of it. For a lot of players, if stuff happens, then it is what it is and we’ll handle it the best way we can handle it. All you have to do is let me know this is a possibility. Don’t let me find out over Twitter.”

Several players have now talked about finding out they were traded via social media. This has sometimes felt like a selling of the narrative, like when Anthony Davis said he found out about his move to the Lakers via Instagram.

But Hart and his agent legitimately being confused in the moment isn’t really surprising given his stature in the NBA. He’s a burgeoning young guard, but he’s not so good he would be the main piece in a major trade. You can see an avenue where his camp wouldn’t be the first to find out in this age of information brokering.

Hart should have a pretty good opportunity with a team that is hopeful for the playoffs this season in New Orleans. In any case, it looks like everything worked out.