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NASCAR America: Nate Ryan: Stripping wins from cars that fail inspection ‘under consideration’ for 2018

Denny Hamlin's recent penalties have led to the discussion of whether or not it's time for NASCAR to consider stripping wins for certain penalties.

On Wednesday, NASCAR America analysts Jeff Burton and Dale Jarrett stated their belief that NASCAR should begin disqualifying race-winners when their cars fails post-race inspection.

NBC Sports’ Nate Ryan had some good news for them today. He talked to NASCAR officials about the prospect of disqualified wins becoming a reality in NASCAR.

“I think NASCAR is seriously going to consider stripping wins in 2018. I don’t think that’s going to be in consideration as far as a change in policy this season,” Ryan said. “I think it’s absolutely, I’ve been told, under consideration for next season.”

Ryan predicted that NASCAR could potentially look at “ratcheting up” penalties this season to prevent more infractions like the one that cost Denny Hamlin his Cup crew chief for the next two races.

“You could hear news on that in the near term where NASCAR might say, ‘Hey, we’re not going to strip wins, but we might consider ratcheting up penalties,” Ryan said.

Analyst Kyle Petty said he wants more than just the loss of the win for illegal cars.

“It should just be DQ (disqualified),” Petty said. “No points. No money. No anything. You got your moment of exposure, your 15 minutes of fame by winning the race. Guess what? You go home. You get nothing. And at the end of the year when it says you ran 36 races? No, you ran 35 races.”

Watch the video for the full discussion on the possibility of disqualified race-winners.