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Even team personnel believe referees are picking on them at NBA’s ordering

rod thorn nba

The NBA is out to get [insert your favorite team].

I know it. You know. The NBA certainly knows it. It’s the one out to get [insert your favorite team] in the first place.

Sure, even Lakers, Knicks and Heat fans believe the NBA is out to get their team. But we know that’s ridiculous. The NBA truly hates only the [insert your favorite team].

Occasionally, the media will say you’re being irrational, that those in business realize the league doesn’t play favorites. Balderdash!

Rod Thorn, the NBA’s old and new President of Basketball Operations, in an interview with David Aldridge of

Me: What was the single most entertaining complaint call you got from a team back in the day?

RT: The ones that used to get me were the guys who said they knew the NBA was trying to get them. What’s transpiring with these calls we’re getting? You guys don’t like me. You’re out to get me. Those were the ones that used to crack me up. Like, if we ever told the referees to get anybody, how long do you think it would take to be on a blog, or in the paper? About five minutes? Maybe 10 minutes at the most? Either overtly or covertly. So we know that’s not going on.

Thorn’s last term as President of Basketball Operations ended in 2000. I don’t think blogs were positioned to widely disseminate news of the NBA playing favorites back then, so I call hogwash on Thorn’s excuse.

The league really is out to get [insert your favorite team].