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Julian Wright wishes he were traded

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Julian Wright’s name has not been coming up in trade talk, but he wishes it was. At least that’s what he said on Twitter.

Off to practice, thinking bout how I’m jealous of all these players that managed to get traded before Thursday...

Just saying, might need a change of scenery, of course I love New Orleans! Bought a house here.

Not bout blaming anyone. Just thinkin bout the C. Fryes, S. Browns, and the G. Wallaces, of the league who just needed a change of scenery.

Wright then spent the rest of his twitter time that day defending what he said and saying he loved New Orleans. He said it was on him to work harder. He did everything that goes with a modern celebrity apology save entering some kind of rehab.

Wright’s minutes have been dropping in New Orleans -- from 14.3 per game last season to 11 this season to 9.6 per in the last 10 games. Part of that is Peja Stojakovic staying healthy for the season, but whatever the reason Wright wants some burn. He is frustrated. But he also realizes that in the end it’s on him.

Ok, I apologize for venting and making anybody uncomfortable. I just worked hard these past two summers so that’s what I’ll do this summer!