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New Clippers uniforms are exactly what you expected (photo)

new clippers logo maybe

The Clippers’ new logo – unfortunately – matched the leak.

The Clippers’ new uniforms – unfortunately – match the leak.

Here’s how the Clippers explain the new look:

The L.A. Clippers new visual identity is a symbolic turning of the page to the next era of Clippers basketball. The primary logo retains the legacy colors of red, white and blue as a tribute to the Clippers faithful, while adding black to provide a modern edge.

The curved lines in the primary Clippers wordmark symbolize the horizon of the ocean as seen from the bridge of a Clipper ship – alluding to the team’s nautical theme roots.

Unique, iconic and a distinctly “L.A.” logo, the Clippers new LAC monogram depicts a blue “C” wrapping around the “L.A.”, literally embracing the city. The stacked LA also takes the shape of a basketball court signifying “LA Basketball”. In addition, the silver lining seen in the Clippers wordmark signifies the renewed collective optimism of Clipper Nation.

The Clippers home uniforms will be white featuring the new CLIPPERS word mark across the front. The team will wear red road uniforms in 2015-16 which will feature the LAC monogram. Additional alternate black uniforms will be introduced at a later date.

I actually like the Clippers home uniforms more than I dislike them. I know the background is hokey, but the curved lines do add a nautical feel (at least once the explanation is provided), and I can appreciate that. I also like the black text for its old-school look rather than the intended modernity, so score one for accidental positives.

But there are flaws, most notably the silver lining on the wordmark. That just makes the text look as if there were a printing error. It sure doesn’t inspire renewed optimism – the lamest part of the uniforms’ backstory.

The road reds are awful, bad enough to drag down the overall grade below passing. The extreme red is too harsh (a problem with the Clippers’ previous road reds), and the side-by-side logo and number look tacky.

And if the black uniforms match the leaked ones shown here, they’ll be the worst of the set.