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Study up for your advanced stats quiz

Just in time for the preseason rush, Neil Paine of has some studying material for all serious hoops fans. Like it or not, statistical measures beyond the usual counting stats (points, rebounds, assists) are now an essential component of the hardcore basketball fan experience. For the uninitiated, that means it’s time to bone up on your slightly more complicated stats.

Behold, Paine’s Basketball-Reference Blogtionary, detailing the formula used for a lion’s share of commonly used metrics and a bit about their applications. It may seem overwhelming, but there’s really nothing to be afraid of. It’s just a few numbers, details written in plain English, and a wealth of basketball knowledge at your fingertips.

Give it a try. Clinging to the ol’ points per game as a measure of player worth will only get you is far in the analysis of this game. This right here? It’s the future, my friends. Hell, it’s the present, too. Don’t get left behind.