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Grizzlies’ Tony Allen gets league’s first flopping warning of season

Tony Allen, Andrew Wiggins

Tony Allen, Andrew Wiggins


With five minutes left in the third quarter of the Grizzlies’ eventual win over the Pacers, Tony Allen gets the ball and brings it up court. The Pacers’ George Hill decides to provide a little on-ball pressure and be disruptive.

Allen flopped a little try and draw a call. The referees ignored it and play continued.

However, the league did not ignore it and issued its first flopping warning of the young season to Allen.

This means next to nothing. It’s not even a slap on the wrist; it’s just a warning. If the league determines that Allen flops again this season, then he can be fined $5,000. (The penalties escalate from there by increments of $5,000.) Allen will make $5.2 million this season, if he does get fined it comes to 0.1 percent of his salary. That will teach him.