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Kevin Durant calls Kendrick Perkins his favorite teammate of all time

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have (had?) a deep friendship.

But – maybe it was just too touchy a subject – when asked his favorite teammate, Durant said Kendrick Perkins.

Durant on an untelevised portion of Any Given Wednesday With Bill Simmons:

He would call me after every game, and we’d be on the phone until probably 2 o’clock in the morning. And it’d be a bunch of nothing he’ll be talking to me about. And it was just like, man, that’s my big brother right there. He’s going through something, and he’s calling me. So, I miss those calls.

He’s the greatest. Everybody loves him.

Durant gave this answer before Perkins described the Durant-Westbrook relationship in terms not exactly flattering to Durant – though Perkins is so straight up about everything, Durant might still appreciate the candor and perspective.

Many teammates, including the Cavaliers, have raved about Perkins. Tough and genuine, he seems like someone you want in your corner.

It’s a big reason Perkins keeps getting signed as his production has diminished over the last several years. He’s still a free agent, and if you’ve watched him play at age 31, it’s understandable. But it wouldn’t be at all surprising if a team wants him in its locker room.