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More Mark Cuban coming to your television

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Mark Cuban is coming back to television, not just on the sidelines at Mavs games but in a role on a reality show. Fortunately this time we will not need some kind of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind memory erasers to get images of him in dancing in a sleeveless shirt out of our minds.

Cuban will be part of “Shark Tank” on ABC for three weeks, according to the Hollywood Reporter (via my favorite new blog, Eric Freeman’s Early Termination Option).

The owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and chairman of cable channel HDNet will be a guest venture capitalist for three episodes.

The pitch-perfect casting has the always-opinionated Cuban joining the regular panel of self-made multimillionaires judging business ventures pitched by enterprising small-business owners.

Like Freeman, I had to Google Shark Tank, as it turns out is not part of Shark Week on Discovery Channel. (David Stern, however, would like Cuban to do some personal appearances on Shark Week as well, ideally without the cage.)

It’s a show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and personalities to rich celebrities and businessmen, who decide if they are going to invest in the business.

My suggestion to the people coming on Shark Tank -- Tequila. High end stuff. Saw something where Cuban is really into that stuff.