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Motocross 2024 High Point 450 points, results: A separation of three

Jett Lawrence looks forward to a week off after riding sore in Round 4 of the Pro Motocross series and Round 21 of SuperMotocross at High Point Raceway in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania. He did not look as sharp as in previous races but was in a position to pounce when Chase Sexton and Hunter Lawrence made mistakes. Jett has won 14 of the 15 450 Motocross races he’s entered.

The field has become accustomed to watching Jett dominate races, and it is an all-too-familiar sight to see him end a day with a 1-1 finish. While that is precisely what he did at High Point, he failed to get a holeshot in either event and could not shake the competition.

Jett trimmed eight points off Hunter’s lead and has a 20-point advantage over fourth-place Justin Cooper.

Click here for in-race updates and a recap from High Point.

A dejected Sexton sat in the media tent after Moto 2 and regretted his mistakes, saying he “rode like a hack” for significant portions of both motos. During his career, Sexton has been prone to crashing while pressing too hard and trying to make things happen. He hit the ground in both motos, which was especially frustrating in the second race because Jett had decided to run a safe rhythm and settle for the overall victory that his combined motos would have provided.

Hunter challenged his brother in the opening laps of Moto 1 until he made a small mistake, fishtailed exiting a turn, and lost momentum. Not yet exhausted by his injury, Jett paced Hunter through the final 13 laps. Hunter was within two seconds of Jett for most of the race and within one second for three of the final four.

After missing 11 months to injury in 2023, Malcolm Stewart knows there is nothing as valuable as seat time.

Aaron Plessinger finished fifth in both motos for a fourth-place overall finish. He overcame a 13th-place start in Moto 1 to climb steadily through the field but spent almost the entire Moto 2 in fifth.

Justin Cooper finished fourth in Moto 1 and sixth in Moto 2 to earn the same points as Plessinger but was attributed fifth overall on the tiebreaker. That was enough to keep his perfect record of top-10 finishes in the first eight motos.

Malcolm Stewart finished ninth in both motos and continues his string of results from seventh to ninth. He was scored ninth overall.

Here are the 450 Motocross results and points standings after Round 4 in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania:


Click here for the official 450 results from High Point.

Moto 1
Lap Chart
Individual Lap Times
Fastest Segment Times

Moto 2
Lap Chart
Individual Lap Times
Fastest Segment Times

Pro Motocross Rider Points
SuperMotocross Rider Points
Manufacturer Points

Here is the finishing order of Round 4 in High Point (points earners):

1. Jett Lawrence, 1 - 1 (50 points)
2. Chase Sexton, 3 - 2 (42)
3. Hunter Lawrence, 2 - 3 (42)
4. Aaron Plessinger, 5 - 5 (34)
5. Justin Cooper, 4 - 6 (34)
6. Jason Anderson, 7 - 4 (33)
7. Dylan Ferrandis, 6 - 7 (31)
8. Justin Barcia, 10 - 8 (26)
9. Malcolm Stewart, 9 - 9 (26)
10. Shane McElrath, 8 - 10 (26)
11. Grant Harlan, 12 - 14 (18)
12. Freddie Noren, 19 - 11 (14)
13. Marshal Weltin, 18 - 12 (14)
14. Harri Kullas, 13 - 17 (14)
15. Derek Kelley, 16 - 15 (13)
16. Phillip Nicoletti, 11 - 20 (13)
17. Jeremy Hand, 15 - 18 (11)
18. Christian Craig, 38 - 13 (9)
19. Romain Pape, 14 - 22 (8)
20. Scotty Verhaeghe, 21 - 16 (7)
21. Henry Miller, 17 - 21 (6)
22. Lorenzo Locurcio, 27 - 19 (3)
23. Kyle Chisholm, 20 - 34 (2)

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