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BMX pro Ross entertainingly shows Criquet Shirts’ line and versatility

Criquet Shirts, Mercer Baggs

Criquet Shirts, Mercer Baggs

“It’s so damn hot. Milk was a bad choice.”

Truer words may never have been spoken, especially this summer where temperatures are stupid hot around the globe (it was 90 degrees in Anchorage, Alaska – Alaska, for Al Gore’s sake!)

So, milk might not be the best option when you’re outside this summer. Criquet apparel is a much better choice.

The fellas at Criquet Shirts continue to expand their line of clothing, which includes the classic Players shirt, but also a Performance model to help you stay cool, and versatile shorts.

To help demonstrate what Criquet Shirts (and shorts) has to offer, as well as all that can be done in adornment, enter BMX pro Aaron Ross. The local from Austin, Texas, which is where Criquet was founded and still located, is not just a bike wiz, but a golf nut as well.

Grab a beer, or a carton of milk (if you’re indoors), and enjoy the entertaining video below:

The Do Anything, Go Anywhere Shirt from Criquet Shirts on Vimeo.