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2024 Motocross 250 points, results after RedBud: Chance Hymas earns first professional win

Chance Hymas incurred a five-point penalty for jumping on a red flag in Moto 1, but by American Motorcycle Association’s rules, it was not assessed until after the overall results were tallied, which allowed him to score a one-point victory over Ty Masterpool at the RedBud Nationals in Buchanan, Michigan.

Hymas was quick from the start of both races on Saturday. He earned the holeshot in Moto 2 and was fast from the start of Moto 1, leading the first lap. Hymas began to fade on Lap 9 and lost the lead before falling back to fourth. In the second race, Hymas led every trip around the course by as much as 8.5 seconds on Lap 9. Once again, he lost some pace as the race progressed and allowed teammate Jo Shimoda to close to within 1.3 seconds with one lap remaining, but a minor mistake by the runner-up assured Hymas’ victory.

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The contest for second was crucial. If Shimoda had passed Hymas and cost him the three-point differential, Ty Masterpool would have scored his second 250 Motocross overall victory.

Masterpool began Moto 1 in third place and worked his way into the lead on Lap 9, leading the final seven laps. Haiden Deegan was charging in the closing laps, and Masterpool must have had visions of what happened to him in the first race in High Point when the 250 championship leader overcame a 15-second deficit to chase him down at the end. Masterpool finished fifth in Moto 2 to earn one point less than Hymas.

Shimoda’s second-place finish in Moto 2 was essential for him as well. Losing one position would have dropped him from third to fifth, as Tom Vialle and Deegan were tied one point behind. Shimoda finished fifth in the first race.

Earning 38 points, Vialle had the tiebreaker with a better finish in the second moto. He showed a lot of consistency with a third-place finish in Moto 1 and a fourth in Moto 2. Unfortunately, he lost second place in the championship standings to Hymas and failed to make up any ground on Deegan. The 250 East Supercross champion, Vialle is 43 points behind the Pro Motocross leader.

Deegan failed to stand on the podium for the first time this season when he crossed under the checkered flag sixth in Moto 2. He kept his streak of first- or second-place results alive in the first race by standing on the middle box in second. This is also the first time in 2024 that he failed to score an overall podium finish. He was credited with fifth.

In the second race with his current team, Max Anstie fared better than he did at Southwick. He cracked the top 10 in Moto 1 with a ninth and was 13th in Moto 2 to finish in ninth overall.

Here are the 250 Motocross results and points standings after Round 6 in Buchanan, Michigan:


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Moto 1
Lap Chart
Individual Lap Times
Fastest Segment Times

Moto 2
Lap Chart
Individual Lap Times
Fastest Segment Times

Pro Motocross Rider Points
SuperMotocross Rider Points
Motocross Manufacturer Points

Here is the finishing order of Round 6 in RedBud (points earners):

1. Chance Hymas, 4- 1 (43)
2. Ty Masterpool, 1- 5 (42)
3. Jo Shimoda, 5 - 2 (39)
4. Tom Vialle, 3 - 4 (38)
5. Haiden Deegan, 2 - 6 (38)
6. Levi Kitchen, 6 - 3 (36)
7. Casey Cochran, 7 - 9 (28)
8. Ryder DiFrancesco, 13 - 7 (24)
9. Max Anstie, 9 - 13 (22)
10. Mark Fineis, 11 - 12 (21)
11. Daxton Bennick, 16 - 8 (20)
12. Jett Reynolds, 15 - 11 (18)
13. Nicholas Romano, 12 - 14 (18)
14. Dilan Schwartz, 14 - 16 (14)
15. Jalek Swoll, 8 - 34 (14)
16. Jordon Smith, 38 - 10 (12)
17. Pierce Brown, 10 - 39 (12)
18. Talon Hawkins, 17 - 17 (10)
19. Tom Guyon, 22 - 15 (7)
20. Lux Turner, 18 - 19 (7)
21. Jake Cannon, 31 - 18 (4)
22. Evan Ferry, 21 - 20 (3)
23. Marcus Phelps, 19 - 27 (3)
24. Crockett Myers, 20 - 22 (2)
25. Jorgen-Matthias Talviku, 23 - 21 (1)

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