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Big East tourney has its share of scary dudes


Mike Miller

Maybe you saw one during the Day 1 of the Big East tournament. If you watch today, you’ll almost certainly see a couple.

‘Cause they’re there. The guys who freak you out.

OK, so that’s having a bit of fun. But fun is exactly what Zach Hillesland did with this Quad story from yesterday, detailing his picks for the scariest guys in the league. They might be physically intimidating or have a certain aura about them that says they won’t take any gruff.

Whatever it is that makes ‘em this way, it makes for a fun read. Check out this excerpt focusing on West Virginia’s Deniz Kilicli:

In my nightmares I see Kilicli in a poncho. It doesn’t matter what kind of poncho. It could be a Chicago Cubs poncho at the end of a rain delay with a rainbow in the backdrop and I’d still feel as if I were in the final moments of “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” He might not know what you did last summer, but he does know that he’s going to get that rebound and you’re going to be bruised.

Kilicli isn’t alone in this regard. Pretty sure every rec league has a guy built like that. They’re not 6-9, though.

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