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The Morning Mix

- Hawaii senior Hauns Brereton merges an unorthodox training regimen with an underground Memphis rap video. In short, it’s the video of the day

- Pete Thamel provides a riveting-but-not-exactly-earth-shattering expose on the middle school recruiting scene in the Washington, D.C. area (Sadly, my rise to elite middle school athletic dominance in the D.M.V was a decade an a half too early)

- The draft is still two days away, yet it seems like it’s a forgone conclusion that Jared Sullinger made a huge mistake by staying at Ohio State for his sophomore year. Need more evidence? his name being left off the NBA Draft green room invite list. Seriously, look who got drafted last year. Sully would have been a lock for the lottery. But again, it’s not always about the money, and sometimes it’s refreshing to see college freshman make that decision

- Glenn Logan makes an interesting argument about Sullinger’s future if he had played for John Calipari

- Here’s an interesting question: Who is going to have a better pro career, Sullinger or Illinois center Meyers Leonard?

- Here’s another interesting question: what is a better way to build a NBA Finals team, through the draft (Thunder) or through free agency (Heat)?

- If Sullinger doesn’t end up being the biggest bust, there’s a good chance Andre Drummond steps up to take the award

- If you’re not rooting for Bernard James during the second round of Thursday’s draft, you’re not a real college hoops fan

- A bunch of GMs would have killed to have this list before the ’01 and ’06 drafts. But then again, it also shows you how much of a crap-shoot the whole ordeal is

- Sam Amick profiles five of the more underrated draft prospects to look out for, including two Commonwealth State big-men. Amick also provides a list of important draft questions to brush up on before draft night

- Is West Virginia’s Kevin Jones a top-10 pick? Probably not, but neither was WVU linebacker Bruce Irvin, who ended up getting drafted seventh overall by the Seattle Seahawks. Will somebody reach for Jones? I hope so, he’s the type of player every GM would love to have on his roster

- Anthony Davis is a smart guy. He knows how important his unibrow is. He wants to harness its power in order to make millions, and it’s exactly what anybody with freakish athleticism and bizarre facial hair would do. But that being said, I’m confused as to why he’s trademarking “Fear The Brow”? I thought “Brow Down” was his slogan? (In any event, I am now in the process of filing a trademark for “Brow Down”)

- John Calipari thinks the SEC can get seven teams into the NCAA Tournament now that Texas A&M and Missouri have arrived

- A former walk-on at Baylor was arrested for trying to extort Robert Griffin III

- I’m still not very happy that I was left off the office email chain about “NBA Draft categories”. Real cool guys, real cool.....

- It looks like Pittsburgh and Penn State might be open to playing each other in hoops. +100 for me. Why? Because I wrote about this idea months ago

- After a fair amount of debate, discussion, and flip-flopping, Markus Kennedy has decided to leave Villanova

- Providence was looking like they could be on the up and up next season thanks to a stacked recruiting class. Well, things look shaky now that highly touted recruit Kris Dunn injured his shoulder and may miss the season due to surgery

- In case you missed it over the weekend, Illinois senior Brandon Paul, the guy who went all “LeBron game-6 versus the Celtics” against Ohio State in January, broke his jaw during an open gym session

- You also might have missed that UConn-transfer Michael Bradley, the guy who gave up his scholarship for Andre Drummond, was denied a hardship waiver by the NCAA and will have to sit out a year at Western Kentucky

Troy Machir is the managing editor of the college basketball website Ballin’ is a Habit. You can find him on twitter @TroyMachir.