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Rankings Spotlight: Five questions after critical June evaluations

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Harlem Berry

The spring camp season ended at the beginning of June and then the Rivals Five-Star event took center stage for the top prospects in the nation. College camps, the Elite 11 Finals and the Future 50 camp provided great settings for talented players to be evaluated as well. The results from each event have given the national analyst team a lot to think about and the next rankings updates are still more than a month away.

There will be a handful of other settings for elite prospects to showcase their abilities in July but here are the biggest rankings questions coming out of a busy June.

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WHO IS NO. 1 IN 2025?

The race for No. 1 in the 2025 Rivals250 has never been closer. Julian Lewis, currently the top-ranked prospect, and five-star Tavien St. Clair have put themselves through every major test possible this offseason and passed with flying colors. Five-star Bryce Underwood worked out at LSU’s camp and participated in a local 7-on-7 tournament with his high school team last month. He looked as impressive as ever in each setting.

Five-stars David Sanders, No. 2 in the Rivals250, along with Dakorien Moore, Devin Sanchez, Justus Terry and Elijah Griffin didn’t workout at any major events in June and barely did any camps this entire offseason.

Is there a four-star who could potentially challenge for No. 1 overall? The only one who fits that description right now is Keelon Russell. The performances by the Alabama commit last month have elevated him into the five-star conversation and, possibly, the debate over No. 1 in the Rivals250.



Prior to the Rivals Five-Star event in Jacksonville, we were still wondering if the debate over the nation’s top-ranked running back would get settled. The picture did get a bit clearer.

Five-star Harlem Berry entered the event as the No. 1 running back in the Rivals250 and proceeded to win the Fastest Man competition and the Running Back MVP award. Five-star Jordon Davison played very well in Jacksonville, especially when working against blitzing linebackers. He also impressed during one-on-ones, showing his ever improving receiving abilities.

There are others chasing the No. 1 running back crown but Berry and Davison are still just a hair above the rest.



We’ve already mentioned that Alabama commit Keelon Russell will be in the five-star discussion but there are plenty others in the 2025 and 2026 classes who will be up for a fifth star. Joining Russell in the five-star quarterback debate will be Tramell Jones, Deuce Knight and 2026 quarterback Faizon Brandon.

Playmaking receivers Jaime Ffrench and Vernell Brown did nothing to slow the talk of them becoming five-stars. Running back Savion Hiter is the No. 1 running back in the 2026 class and certainly didn’t hurt himself with his performance at Future 50. There have only been 12 five-star tight ends in the history of the Rivals rankings but the exceptional dual-sport standout Kendre’ Harrison will be discussed as the 13th.

There are four names that jump out as possible five-star candidates. Ziyare Addison, Michael Carroll, Avery Gach and 2026 standout Kevin Brown have played their way into the conversation. On the defensive line, Isaiah Gibson and Nathaniel Marshall will continue to be at the center of the five-star debate.

The five-star linebacker has become a rarer prospect in recent years but Nathaniel Owusu-Boateng and Riley Pettijohn have put together strong cases thus far. Their most recent performances in Jacksonville could have pushed them over the top.

There are a lot of defensive backs and athletes under five-star consideration. Hylton Stubbs, Chuck McDonald, Omarion Robinson and Eric Winters all flashed at times in various settings last month. The same can be said of 2026 standouts Samari Matthews, Blaine Bradford, Jireh Edwards and Bralan Womack. Also in the 2026 class, Derrek Cooper and Keisean Henderson, who are both listed as athletes, displayed unique skill sets that could have them end up five-star prospects before all is said and done.



Brady Smigiel
Nick Lucero/

Outside of Ryder Lyons, there is a growing “let’s start from scratch” sentiment. The current quarterback rankings have Brady Smigiel sitting at No. 2 followed by Jared Curtis, Dia Bell, Brady Hart, Noah Grubbs, Jaden O’Neal, Landon Duckworth and Helaman Casuga all inside the top 100 of the Rivals250.

The impressive showing by Faizon Brandon has him in a good spot heading into the rankings update. Bell and O’Neal helped themselves with their performances last month as well. The up and down showings by Smigiel, Hart and Grubbs will generate lots of debate. Curtis remains somewhat of a mystery after being unable to throw at Future 50. Troy Huhn and Jonas Williams were big risers in the previous rankings update and that ascent may continue.



Immanuel Iheanacho

Five-star Jackson Cantwell has unique physical gifts, which made it easy to slot him as the top offensive lineman in the 2026 class but others have emerged as legitimate threats to replace him in the rankings.

Immanuel Iheanacho is just two years into his football career but the athletic 6-foot-7, 340-pounder is already closer to college ready than any offensive lineman in this class. He’s also been eager to test his skill set against the best possible competition. The same can be said of five-star Keenyi Pepe, a veteran of the camp circuit.

Four-stars Maxwell Riley, Pierre Dean and John Turntine have generated plenty of buzz this offseason but the performance by Kevin Brown at his first national event last week in Jacksonville might just help Brown eclipse them in the rankings.

Ekene Ogboko, Darius Gray, Carter Scruggs, Leo Delaney and many others will find themselves moving within the offensive line rankings as well.

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