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Thrashers banning vuvuzelas from games


I bet you’re still recovering from World Cup fever and you’ve still got the din of the ever-present vuvuzelas ringing in your ears. I mean, why wouldn’t you? They interfered with TV broadcasts of games and I can’t even imagine what it was like to sit in a crowd of 70,000 and have the entire stadium buzzing, literally, with the sound of plastic horns. Thankfully for us hockey fans we’re above such things, I think, and the Atlanta Thrashers have even gone to the lengths to add the “traditional” South African noisemakers to their list of prohibited items at games. This comes from the “Fan Conduct” section of the Thrashers Fanzone Guide:

  • Prohibited entry items such as containers, food & beverage, airhorns, vuvuzelas, weapons and laser pointers. Cameras, video cameras and audio recorders are prohibited when posted for certain events.

Lots of games seem to have some joker sneak in with an airhorn, but letting one of those off tends to get you noticed almost immediately. If someone were able to sneak a vuvuzela into a hockey game, I can’t imagine the size of the pants you’d have to wear to slip that past security going into a game. Even bell bottom jeans wouldn’t be able to handle the madness of a vuvuzela.

Just picture the possibilities if they were allowed... The shootout with vuvuzelas blowing while Chris Mason is trying to stop a guy from scoring the potential game-winning goal or if Evander Kane was getting another one-punch knockout on Matt Cooke. Sounds great, right? I didn’t think so.

(picture credit: Phil Cole/Getty Images)