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2024 U.S. Olympic Wrestling Trials results

Results from the 2024 U.S. Olympic Wrestling Trials at Penn State University, where wrestlers advanced from Friday’s challenge tournament into Saturday’s best-of-three championship series to determine qualifiers for the Paris Games ...

Women’s Freestyle
Challenge Semifinals: Audrey Jimenez def. Erin Golston
Challenge Semifinals: Sage Mortimer def. Samara Chavez
Challenge Final: Audrey Jimenez def. Sage Mortimer
Saturday’s Championship Series: Sarah Hildebrandt def. Audrey Jimenez 2-0

Challenge Semifinals: Areana Villaescusa def. Vayle Baker
Challenge Semifinals: Haley Augello def. Katie Gomez
Challenge Final: Haley Augello def. Areana Villaescusa
Saturday’s Championship Series: Dom Parrish def. Haley Augello 2-0

Challenge Semifinals: Alex Hedrick def. Xochitl Mota-Pettis
Challenge Semifinals: Jacarra Winchester def. Abigail Nette
Challenge Final: Jacarra Winchester def. Alex Hedrick
Saturday’s Championship Series: Helen Maroulis def. Jacarra Winchester 2-0

WRESTLING TRIALS: Broadcast Schedule

Challenge Semifinals: Jen Page def. Mallory Velte
Challenge Semifinals: Macey Kilty def. Adaugo Nwachukwu
Challenge Final: Macey Kilty def. Jen Page
Saturday’s Championship Series: Kayla Miracle def. Macey Kilty 2-0

Challenge Semifinals: Forrest Molinari def. Aine Drury
Challenge Semifinals: Alex Glaude def. Reese Larramendy
Challenge Final: Forrest Molinari def. Alex Glaude
Saturday’s Championship Series: Amit Elor def. Forrest Molinari 2-0

Challenge Semifinals: Kennedy Blades def. Dymond Guilford
Challenge Semifinals: Yelena Makoyed def. Kylie Welker
Challenge Final: Kennedy Blades def. Yelena Makoyed
Saturday’s Championship Series: Kennedy Blades def. Adeline Gray 2-0

Men’s Freestyle
57kg (weight not yet qualified for Olympics)
Challenge Semifinals: Spencer Lee def. Zane Richards
Challenge Semifinals: Thomas Gilman def. Daton Fix
Saturday’s Championship Series: Spencer Lee def. Thomas Gilman 2-0

65kg (weight not yet qualified for Olympics)
Challenge Semifinals: Nick Lee def. Andrew Alirez
Challenge Semifinals: Zain Retherford def. Jesse Mendez
Saturday’s Championship Series: Zain Retherford def. Nick Lee 2-0

Challenge Semifinals: Jordan Burroughs def. Mitchell Mesenbrink
Challenge Semifinals: Jason Nolf def. Jarrett Jacques
Challenge Final: Jason Nolf def. Jordan Burroughs
Saturday’s Championship Series: Kyle Dake def. Jason Nolf 2-0

Challenge Semifinals: Aaron Brooks def. Alex Dieringer
Challenge Semifinals: Zahid Valencia def. Chance Marsteller
Challenge Final: Aaron Brooks def. Zahid Valencia
Saturday’s Championship Series: Aaron Brooks def. David Taylor 2-0

Challenge Semifinals: Kollin Moore def. J’den Cox
Challenge Semifinals: Isaac Trumble def. Johnathan Aiello
Challenge Final: Isaac Trumble def. Kollin Moore
Saturday’s Championship Series: Kyle Snyder def. Isaac Trumble 2-0

Challenge Semifinals: Hayden Zillmer def. Dom Bradley
Challenge Semifinal: Nick Gwiazdowski def. Greg Kerkvliet
Challenge Final: Hayden Zillmer def. Nick Gwiazdowski
Saturday’s Championship Series: Mason Parris def. Hayden Zillmer 2-0

60kg (weight not yet qualified for Olympics)
Challenge Semifinals: Ildar Hafizov def. Sammy Jones
Challenge Semifinal: Dalton Roberts def. Max Black
Saturday’s Championship Series: Dalton Roberts def. Ildar Hafizov 2-1

67kg (weight not yet qualified for Olympics)
Challenge Semifinals: Alejandro Sancho def. Pat Smith
Challenge Semifinals: Ellis Coleman def. Xavier Johnson
Saturday’s Championship Series: Ellis Coleman def. Alejandro Sancho 2-1

77kg (weight not yet qualified for Olympics)
Challenge Semifinals: Kamal Bey def. RaVaughn Perkins
Challenge Semifinals: Aliaksandr Kikinou def. Benji Peak
Saturday’s Championship Series: Kamal Bey def. Aliaksandr Kikinou 2-0

Challenge Semifinals: John Stefanowicz def. Mahmoud Sebie
Challenge Semifinals: Payton Jacobson def. Zachary Braunagel
Challenge Final: Payton Jacobson def. John Stefanowicz
Saturday’s Championship Series: Payton Jacobson def. Spencer Woods 2-1

Challenge Semifinal: Joe Rau def. David Orndoff
Challenge Semifinal: Nicholas Boykin def. Diante Cooper
Challenge Final: Joe Rau def. Nicholas Boykin
Saturday’s Championship Series: Joe Rau def. Alan Vera 2-1

Challenge Semifinal: Adam Coon def. Donny Longendyke
Challenge Semifinal: Aden Attao def. Courtney Freeman
Challenge Final: Adam Coon def. Aden Attao
Saturday’s Championship Series: Adam Coon def. Cohltun Schultz 2-1

The 2024 U.S. Olympic team roster of athletes updated as they qualify.