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Crisis Management 101: Dynamo man has manned up

Houston Dynamo

Only the rarest of bird brains has defended Colin Clark’s ugly remark, for which justice was just dealt, swift and severe. Even Clark isn’t defending Clark.

So this should now be said about the Houston Dynamo midfielder: His handling of the weekend incident is a case study in how to accept responsibility, take your medicine and move on.

That might sound easy, but so many athletes just can’t plot such an obvious course. Pride and ego get in the way. It’s just so doggone hard to say, “I did it,” or “I was wrong.”

It’s the same when athletes or coaches goof up in big games. Where I live (Dallas) the goofy case unfolded last season of the Cowboys head coach mangling a critical situation, effectively “icing” his own kicker. Rather than say “I made a mistake,” his pretzel-twisted, illogical attempts at rationalizing the error kept the questions coming and coming.

Same for athletes who err, then sneak out the back door without publicly copping to the blunder – as if everyone will magically forget. They won’t. We won’t.

You say “I screwed up,” and the story more or less reaches termination point. Journalists stop nipping at the narrative. We declare “job done” and then check out for some Tex-Mex.

Of course, what Clark did was more than screw up a game. He seems to know that and he is saying as much. Clark seems determined to take his medicine and maybe even improve from it all.

It’s Crisis Management 101, and being done well.