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Kick TV’s Jimmy Conrad: unabashed jersey snob!

Soccer tee

On the one hand, I respect a man who can conduct an interview with the straight face while sporting head wear that only a Burger King shift manager could appreciate.

On the other hand, I differ with the face of Kick TV on his jersey treatise.

It is a peculiar tenet of the U.S. soccer supporter, this business of wearing your team colors to friendlies, never mind whether your team is actually playing is said friendly.

But I get it. Soccer has long been a niche sport in our land. The domestic game is growing out of that teenage, pimply stage (you could argue it’s already past it), but old habits die hard. Hence the team colors habit.

Wearing soccer jerseys here has always been a way of announcing yourself as a fan, a way to go just a little counter-culture. It’s a subtle poke at convention, a way to say, “Screw the media dinosaurs and their tired old set – I love this game.”

So you wear your team’s colors to the soccer event of the moment, rather than that cheesy t-shirt that’s only cool if you’re driving a mini-van to the local Olive Garden. Not that there’s anything wrong with mini-vans. Or Olive Garden. But I think you understand.

Anyway, here’s Jimmy’s fun take on it from our friends at Kick TV: