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Sporting Kansas City’s #FollowFriday with Bobby Convey

Bobby Convey

When you’re team is stinking up the joint, tension around the entire organization is thick as June gloom along the California shoreline. Jobs are in jeopardy, people are all up in each other’s masks and the skies are very cloudy all day.

So staff members darkly watch their backs. Or surreptitiously scan the jobs landscape – you know, just in case. Or they just hunker down, try not to make waves and hope for the best.

They don’t even go to lunch.

Meanwhile … !

If you’re team is setting records for brilliant starts, sending studious researchers to the stacks to dust off historical marks as they fall, it’s all joyness, ice cream sundaes and magic bags of unicorn dust!

And you get to make fun videos like this one from the clever folks at Sporting Kansas City. It’s definitely worth a few giggles.