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The best night ever in CONCACAF qualifying? How the historic drama unfolded on Twitter ...

2014 World Cup

A trio of matches in the final night of regional qualifying kicked off simultaneously in Panama City, Panama, in Kingston, Jamaica and in San Jose Costa Rica:

It all started at 9:30 p.m. ET ... but it didn’t really start until Panama’s Gabriel Torres (who plays in MLS for the Colorado Rapids) curled a real beauty past U.S. goalkeeper Brad Guzan. And the night was on!

[protected-iframe id="75268b5be6fbdfaf57b1711732a172e3-33383242-8810359" info="hash” ]


And then it was Costa Rica’s turn, as things got worse and worse for Mexico. Remember, this was the sum of all awfulness for Mexico ... El Tri trailed while Panama led, which meant Mexico out of the World Cup.

[protected-iframe id="e254ae1d4257f67d2e4788e425929546-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="5625f7d4a6bae27c7327d44d35321ed6-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="f02fa42631b4055b6b7e4cb9b381ed2c-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="42c230b193e46d6b469293a1378c3e3c-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


But Mexico lives! Oribe Peralta bangs one off the underside of the crossbar. It’s Costa Rica 1, Mexico 1 ... which means Mexico has the fourth spot and the playoff, for the time being, at least.

[protected-iframe id="eccbf344b01edf20874d26c86d4d5bee-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="b7f2cdfe583e7904e51e572428940e3a-33383242-8810359" info="hash” ]


The Mexicans are in it ... but their fallen hero, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, is having a Costa Rican nightmare. In fact, his whole final round of World Cup qualifying has been one big bag of nothing.

[protected-iframe id="fd54b7f1dcf863ba708db1f368e768e7-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


And lest we forget about Los Catrachos, who needed only a draw in Jamaica to qualify for their second consecutive World Cup: Maynor Figueroa has scored to put his team ahead of the home team, 2-1. This is getting fun, eh?

[protected-iframe id="87dfa33ee0cc048bf50d2f31f01c494c-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="70f3b1ca975ce0d32a47ebae94686839-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


Now it’s halftime at all three spots. The United States is missing six or seven starters, but the backups should be holding up a little better against Panama, the side with all the motivation. Credit to Panama, though. And at least the United States looks better than Mexico ... which looks absolutely nothing like a team that deserves to be in the World Cup.

[protected-iframe id="17ae279f76cdf4201df075b68615e60c-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="007afcc1e5c20bf7870edaf94ae0eeb5-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="ed9dbfb14254ac365dce095dbf157832-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


Thing is, the real craziness is just getting started. Rafa Marquez tries to stomp his way into the World Cup -- only a Costa Rican player happens to be on the bottom of this stomping shenanigan. It’s another ridiculous moment from a guy whose career is full of them.

[protected-iframe id="7fdb85ef775dfa79eabd244a0d274373-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


Not long after, Chicharito answers the growing Chicharito question: he gets a yellow card for a little dust-up off the ball inside Costa Rica’s penalty area:

[protected-iframe id="0da89c184a30d7c98e2b555bb0857227-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


Holy Cow! Michael Orozco scores a goal for the United States down in Costa Rica. He’s the same guy that scored a goal last year when the United States beat Mexico at Azteca Stadium, a historic win for Jurgen Klinsmann and his team.

[protected-iframe id="7951218489c272b44959728344687859-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="2113c89dc6205c38985b76b7ece25802-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="81f25acb39cc1a9c5192f9b6d4f8df7b-33383242-8810359" info="hash” ]


It would be “Advantage, Mexico.” But almost simultaneously, Real Salt Lake and Costa Rican goal-getter Alvaro Saborio gets free inside the penalty area, heading past a helpless Mexican goalkeeper. And who was waaaay out of position?

[protected-iframe id="21b783a108d5f174db28ca25801ea63e-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="cc6d35648129653f37f453300849bc6f-33383242-8810359" info="hash” ]

[protected-iframe id="6c1e2d5800e7424f4c1ecc022b928574-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


So ... uh ... wait ... who is in the World Cup from our CONCACAF region at this point? ... It’s the United States and, uh ... so confusing ... Can Canada still get in?

Thing is, the madness is just getting started.

[protected-iframe id="9483d380325410d99f4f001dc339d81b-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="e937aae43fd66d810cdb9d2681acf60e-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


Seriously, at this point Mexico trails to a Costa Rican team with nothing really to play for (having already qualified). And yet, it’s Mexico and not Panama in that fourth-place playoff.’s Grant Wahl has a good idea (just as we get a little goal-mouth action in San Jose):

[protected-iframe id="a2d7516e417f1e3698887414b69ce242-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="11b2f32436a2528f8df3073c90161874-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


Oh, for the accountants out there, don’t forget about the massive financial implications. Meanwhile, the rest of us are just conflicted:

[protected-iframe id="c371218ce67e4d8acd408a372665bd99-33383242-8810359" info="hash” ]

[protected-iframe id="5392ca898722fb96417ccd4fd343d454-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


Or, are we? Conflicted, that is. More and more, people are suggesting that Mexico doesn’t deserve further World Cup opportunity. After all, Costa Rica looks far more likely to score a third goal than Mexico does to getting an equalizer.

[protected-iframe id="f705afb90c67b1e22db046a5646eabc4-33383242-8810359" info="hash” ]


And then “it” happened. Luis Tejada scores for Panama, which leads the United States, 2-1. So at this point, with about 15 minutes remaining, the CONCACAF automatic qualifiers are the United States, Costa Rica and Honduras, with Panama in position for fourth-place and that playoff against New Zealand. Yes, it is stretching the realms of belief.

[protected-iframe id="3f72b4423e3875fe0dfec8e38afd201a-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="a0316961b92b06124da7fd6e1789c90d-33383242-8810359" info="hash” ]

[protected-iframe id="41a8db6bae15bacaecc20965af9cab7b-33383242-8810359" info="hash” ]

[protected-iframe id="f00e55bea8f5db302471d5af5ba404a6-33383242-8810359" info="hash” ]


Who doesn’t love them some Andres Cantor, who is alerting Mexico-Costa Rica viewers of the critical happenings in Panama City with an unmistakable urgency:

[protected-iframe id="5f68dc9b4a7dab43173293c9c3ba5e4d-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


And did we mention we love these simultaneous kickoffs for final day. We’re looking at you, Major League Soccer. Make this thing happen! It’s better than ketchup on french fries, sweeter than Vermont maple, more outstanding than ... well, you get the idea:

[protected-iframe id="e6f634853c47832fb1ef6b92d9e90e2f-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


So it looks like ... wait ... WHAT? Graham Zusi shatters Panamanian hearts. The home team was riding out a 2-1 win, dreaming the World Cup dream, minding its own doggone business when Zusi puts Mexico back into play in the World Cup.

[protected-iframe id="b504c4f9fa3c6f5f8c3b61b8a4830f92-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="c75c466f4cd5ed31b3f7269a5fa54e8c-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="429a30076ac8ba546a4119e795b42645-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


Don’t forget, that home-and-away series with Mexico is going to make a whole bunch of TV money here in the United States. Soccer United Marketing, attached to MLS, owns the U.S. rights for Mexico matches.

[protected-iframe id="2d68d3f49d81d4abc2e67521d6d741d1-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


It’s still sinking in, even as Aron Johannsson scores another goal for the United States to make the final out of Panama 3-2. But that goal doesn’t really matter for World Cup places. It was Zusi’s tying goal that changed fortunes, setting up this theater of the bizarre, this day the United States kept Mexico alive in a World Cup.

[protected-iframe id="8fdcedd631197327ef647c1641ecdafd-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


Well said, sir.

As for the rest of us, the emotions are pouring forth as we all contemplate the best night in CONCACAF qualifying history, the night a bunch of soccer folks fell hopelessly in love. We’ll always have 15-October.

[protected-iframe id="3c31bff9d5f5e079f0605bf2e471ff81-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="394e4d1fbb304e9ee879917bac4dcb4d-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="91f92237a92c7fb8e5a490f88e3978b6-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="809f0e2dd50531b421aff8ad65e73d87-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="3ef2c466d5fd6662f6ef614ff6d67728-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]

[protected-iframe id="295adb3c8822858a409626a9fcd27c47-33383242-8810359" info="//” ]


There really was so, so much more to it all. But that gives you an idea, at least.

We’ll let these two have the last words on a memorable, surreal night:

[protected-iframe id="3a0b09fe03149e9aa0e1f7269fc33351-33383242-8810359" info="hash” ]

[protected-iframe id="f4d6c5cccabf63b8721415a8222d0636-33383242-8810359" info="hash” ]