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Ira Winderman

The system coaches used to be the minority, it is among the reasons opposing coaches marveled all those years at Jerry Sloan, how his teams did one thing well and did it over and over and over, even after Stockton and Malone left the building.
The upshot of Wednesday’s prime injury news is that the Bulls’ injury news no longer is nearly as grim.
On many levels it makes sense that the NBA’s deadline for rookie-scale extensions is Oct. 31.
The comment came during one of those informal pregame chats NBA referees have been conducting with the media over the past month.
Left unclear by Dwyane Wade’s move from Jordan Brand to Chinese brand Li-Ning is whether he had opted for innovation or simply was not offered what he believed to be a commensurate deal.
The list of players who will miss the start of training camp is significant, everyone from Chris Paul to Al Harrington to possibly Dwyane Wade.
Dwight Howard somehow now is friends with Stan Van Gundy and hopes to eventually be remembered fondly in Orlando.
The fadeaway long has been an NBA fact of life.
Since the Tim Donaghy fiasco, we’ve had the NBA offer up a former referee and a retired two-star U.S.
More than 20 teams still have all or part of their mid-level exception, be it the full $5 million, the $3.1 million taxpayer version or the $2.6 million post-cap-space variety.
Donte Greene to the Nets, Martell Webster to the Wizards . . .
Imagine if Sunday’s compelling doubleheader of United States-Spain and Argentina-Russia wasn’t the Olympics.
Well, this was quite unexpected, but apparently we’ve arrived in the summer of three love.
In a non-Dwight year, this is when it tends to stop, in August.
As the NBA adjusts to its new collective-bargaining agreement, we’re beginning to see some short-term returns.
This is where many get the NBA luxury tax wrong: The third year on the offer sheet extended by the Rockets to Jeremy Lin will not cost the Knicks $43 million when factoring in the luxury tax, as some have extrapolated.
With Elton Brand about to come off the market and Luis Scola about to go on the market, we’re reminded of why there is an NBA amnesty process in the first place: because of large-scale contracts that were shortsighted.
The Mavericks blew it up for this?
Sometimes it take a neutral, third party to offer perspective, a party that has no stake in what others might consider manipulation.
We have reached a compelling intersection of what is and what could be.
Something rather curious happened in the two days leading to Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals.
Back in the day, when violence was king and Pat Riley was puppet-master, a colleague in New York warned me where the initial round of Heat-Knicks was headed.