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Courtney Smith’s mom doesn’t believe Zach Smith ‘intentionally abused her’

Of all of the developments in the ongoing situation in Columbus, this is arguably the most eyebrow-raising.

In a text message conversation with sportswriter Jeff Snook, who has penned multiple books on Ohio State football, Tina Carano, the mother of Courtney Smith, claims she does not believe her daughter was abused by Zach Smith. Courtney Smith’s allegations that she was verbally and physically abused by her now-ex-husband on multiple occasions preceded the wide receivers coach’s dismissal by the Buckeyes late last month.

From Snook’s Facebook post earlier Thursday:

Reached this afternoon, Tina Carano would only communicate via text messages and backed Lynn Bruce’s version.

When asked if she believed her daughter’s claims of physical abuse, she replied, “I believe that Zach was removing himself from an argument and I do not believe he intentionally abused her. I do not believe he actually intentionally swung or punched her … no.

The Lynn Bruce mentioned above is Zach Smith’s mom, who claimed to Snook that Courtney Smith vowed years ago to “take Zach down and take Urban Meyer down with him.”

“And this is exactly what she did. She wanted to do as much damage as possible,” Lynn Bruce told Snook. “She has been planning this for some time. ...

“Tina believes Zach and she is on his side through all this. She knows what her own daughter is like. She thinks she has serious problems and she knows she planned this whole thing.”

Courtney Smith’s mother also backed up Lynn Bruce’s claim that her daughter vowed to take exact revenge on her ex-husband and, by extension, Meyer himself.

As far as ever hearing her daughter say she would “take Zach down,” [Tina Carano] replied, “Yes.”

And when Meyer’s name was mentioned, she added, “I cannot quote her exact words as I don’t remember them word for word, but something to that extent. This is my daughter and I love her but I do not approve of what she has done and how it was done.”

Following that text, she did not respond to follow-up questions.

According to Lynn Bruce, Tina Carano and her daughter, Courtney Smith, “do not speak anymore.”

I would HIGHLY suggest you read Snook’s entire Facebook post, which you can read HERE, as it also includes claims that Courtney Smith called the police so many times for allegedly unwarranted reasons that her credibility with the department was “used up.”

As part of the fallout from the domestic situation, Meyer was placed on paid administrative leave Wednesday of last week as questions into his handling of domestic abuse allegations made against his now-former assistant coach surfaced. The university launched an investigation into Meyer’s actions, or lack thereof, and the probe is expected to be completed by mid-August.

Courtney Smith’s attorney stated last week that she has not been contacted by OSU investigators. It’s unclear whether the mothers of the two adults involved have been contacted, either.