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How Kristen Lee and the kids influenced Cliff Lee’s decision

Cliff Lee Family

There’s a good story over at -- pointed out to me by Jonny 5 -- talking to the Lee family about what went into the decision to go back to the Phillies. Kristen Lee plays down the anti-New York stuff that popped up a couple of months ago. The image of a couple of Arkansas kids who just wanted to be near home is put to rest as well. Like a lot of people, the Lees seem to like experiencing different things. Six months back home in Arkansas is great, but six months in a city with the kinds of cultural opportunities Philadelphia offers is great too. How novel.

The thing that sticks out to me. Kristen Lee’s comments about how “we were traded to Philadelphia” in 2009. Almost every time you read a story in which a player’s wife is quoted, they talk about when “we” were traded or when “we signed” with such and such a team. It’s easy to forget the family aspects of player moves -- and easy to mock them when they become a big story -- but the “we” thing is very real.