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MLB’s ‘We Play Loud’ promo is a home run

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A happy family cheerfully sits in their living room and watches a televisied clown and puppet show, 1957. The father holds an newspaper open to the financial section in his hands. (Photo by Lambert/Getty Images)

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If you’ve read much of what I’ve written in the past decade you know that I’m not a shill for Major League Baseball. I’m certainly not inclined to share their promotional stuff automatically, in large part because a lot of their promotional stuff is, frankly, weird. Like, OK, I get it, you’re very proud that you got a moving company to give you money and you’re going to shoehorn in some awkward tie-in about “carrying freight” in highlight videos or what have you, but I’m not sure that’s doing anything for anyone.

Sometimes, though, they do a pretty dang good job, and I think they’ve done a pretty dang good job with their postseason promo which just dropped late this morning. The theme is “We Play Loud” and it’s very, very well done:

So often MLB and their broadcast partners fall back on nostalgia and nods to the so-called Golden Age of Baseball, but this upends the trope to pretty entertaining effect. And it’s not just a matter of contrasting an allegedly stodgy past with a vibrant present. There are a few nods in there that suggest just how well the stars of today would fit in back in the day and vice-versa.

Give it a look and tell us what you think. And do it soon, because no matter how good it is, it’s likely to be played to death this month and we’ll probably be tired of it by Game 2 of the Division Series.

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