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The Rangers went to visit Cliff Lee yesterday

cliff lee in delivery

Drew Silva

Anthony Andro of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that a contingent from the Rangers flew to Arkansas yesterday to meet with Cliff Lee.

But wait! I thought he wasn’t listening! I thought he was in a duck blind somewhere, thinking about anything other than baseball. But I guess this is just arms race stuff, what with the Yankees having already sent Brian Cashman down. “Ha! You sent your GM? We sent a GM and two owners too!”

According to Andro the meeting lasted approximately two hours. I’m going to assume unless told otherwise that the entirety of the conversation was about how awful New York and their fans are.

And just wait: tomorrow we’ll hear reports from Lee’s friends talking about how it was odd that Brian Cashman wouldn’t accept Kristen Lee’s offer of sweet tea, and how Chuck Greenberg sat in “the good chair.” We, of course, will follow up with instant hot stove analysis of these critical developments.