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Is Stephen Curry mocking LeBron James as Kyrie Irving laughs along? (video)

Kyrie Irving's appearance in Steph Curry's video mocking LeBron adds another layer to Cavaliers' internal drama.

Remember when Draymond Green and LeBron James were going back and forth during the Warriors’ championship parade? Green mocked LeBron’s bald head in this video (merely amplifying LeBron, who posted the video and noted his lack of hair):


Flash forward to this weekend. Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving were at Harrison Barnes’ wedding when the same song LeBron danced along to – Tee Grizzley’s “First Day Out” – came on. Instagram user ryanonlyryan posted (then deleted) this video:

You will never convince anyone Curry wasn’t mimicking LeBron. It’s pretty fitting of the Cavaliers-Warriors rivalry.

And then there’s Irving laughing along. Maybe – maybe – he didn’t realize the context in the moment. But you’ll have a tough time convincing anyone of that, given Irving recently posted a video of himself singing Skylar Grey’s “Coming Home,” the song widely associated with LeBron’s 2014 return to Cleveland:

Irving’s trade request obviously spoke loudest. But it also looks like – emphasis on “looks like” – Irving is stepping out, openly sending hints about his feelings toward LeBron. No matter Irving’s intent, LeBron is left as the perceived butt of the joke.

Is LeBron sure he doesn’t want to fight Irving?