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NBA: Markieff Morris stepped out of bounds, but…

Markieff Morris hit the game-winner with 0.4 seconds left in the Wizards’ 125-124 overtime win over the Trail Blazers on Saturday, but the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report confirms what we all saw before the shot:

Morris (WAS) step out of bounds

So Portland should have won?

It’s not so simple.

The two-minute report also notes Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic getting away with two key violations.

Nurkic should have been called for a defensive three-second violation with 37.4 seconds left in the fourth quarter, per the league:

Nurkic (POR) is in the paint without actively guarding an opponent for longer than three seconds.

Nurkic’s presence in the paint helped force Bradley Beal into a jumper, which he missed.

A correct call would’ve given the Wizards a single free throw and a fresh shot clock.

Nurkic also got away with a double dribble with 1:13 left, according to the league:

Nurkic (POR) takes an additional dribble after having picked up his dribble.

Instead of a Trail Blazers turnover, Damian Lillard scored on that possession.

Beal got away with a foul on Portland’s next possession, but Lillard scored again anyway. That took care of itself.

Before Morris stepping out of bounds, Nurkic’s violations were the only two significant missed calls in the two-minute report. Fix either, and there’s a good chance the Wizards are already up or in the locker room celebrating a regulation win and don’t need Morris’ final shot.