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A week from the draft, there’s still no sign Aaron Rodgers’s “intention” has changed

Mike Florio and Chris Simms map out why the Jets must focus on their offensive line during the 2023 NFL Draft, particularly with players who can have an immediate impact with Aaron Rodgers.

Until the Packers and Jets finalize a trade for quarterback Aaron Rodgers, speculation and theories will emerge regarding the potential implosion of the deal.

What if the 49ers trade Trey Lance and turn to Rodgers?

What if the Titans decide to get involved?

None of it matters until Aaron Rodgers changes his current intention.

Five weeks ago today, he used that “i” word to describe his attitude toward joining the Jets. “Since Friday,” Rodgers told Pat McAfee on March 15, I made it clear that my intention was to play and my intention was to play for the Jets.”

Could the intention change? Would Rodgers play another word game like that? There has been no indication that Rodgers is becoming frustrated with the delay or having second thoughts. For him to suddenly say “well, my intention has changed” would be a tough pill for every Jets fan and the vast majority of fans of football and fair play to swallow.

I know, I know. Rodgers doesn’t have a no-trade clause. The Packers can trade him wherever they want to trade him, regardless of whether he approves. But no one is going to trade for a player with a compensation package of nearly $60 million in 2023 if the player doesn’t want to be there.

Adding Rodgers already will create a distraction. Adding Rodgers if/when he doesn’t want to be added will make it 10 times worse. Maybe 100 times worse.

So this trade is happening. Most likely, on the second day of the draft. If not then, by Week One at the absolute latest.

Unless and until Rodgers changes his intention. And he would be changing his intention at his own peril, given that through five weeks there hasn’t been even a whisper that his intention might change.