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Aaron Rodgers posts social-media message that provides no clear answers about his future

Mike Florio explains why he thinks Aaron Rodgers will ask for his way out of Green Bay to play for a new franchise next season.

As Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers remains in his self-described window of deliberation as to whether he’ll continue to be the Packers quarterback, he has posted a vague message on social media that will mean whatever the reader wants it to mean.

Posted as “Monday Night Gratitude,” Rodgers opens by thanking Shailene Woodley, to whom he was engaged and with whom he reportedly has split. He then pivots to his professional relationships.

“To the men I got to share the QB room with everyday,” Rodgers says, “you guys made every day so much fun and I’m so thankful for the daily laughs and stress relief you brought me every week of the year.”

He then thanks specific teammates, including receiver Randall Cobb and tackle David Bakhtiari. “I loved every moment we got to spend together this year,” Rodgers says. “Your love and support was overwhelming, and I cherish the friendships I have with each of you.”

He then addresses “past and current” teammates more broadly. “You are the icing on the beautiful cake we call our job; football,” he says. “The friendships that we have will transcend our collective time in this game and I am so thankful for the role that each of you have played in making my life that much better. I love you guys, and I cherish the memories we’ve made.”

He closes with a message “to everyone else": “Spread love and gratitude you beautiful people, and read a book once in a while too while you’re at it. Love and peace.”

In isolation, it means nothing about his future. In the context of the decision he’s in the process of making, it could mean plenty. It can be interpreted as if he’s staying. It can be interpreted as if he’s going. Ultimately, it really doesn’t say much of anything about what comes next.

But it feels like a precursor to what comes next, given that he said 12 days ago he’ll take a couple of weeks and that his decision will come “pretty quick.”

Pretty quick apparently is coming pretty soon. Nothing in his message changes the timeline that he provided on February 10.