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Amazon’s TNF deal includes $30 million in free NFL marketing


Amazon will be paying $50 million to stream five Thursday night games in 2017. But that’s just part of the value the NFL will realize.

According to Bloomberg (via SportsBusiness Daily), the deal between Amazon and the NFL includes “as much as $30 million” in “marketing and promotion.” This pushes the total value (abacus engaged) to $80 million for one year.

Specifically, Amazon will promote the NFL across its various platforms as part of the contract.

The actual value of that promotion to the league along with the actual cost of it to Amazon likely will be something other than $30 million. But the number assigned to the gesture by the accountants suggests a serious commitment by Amazon to push the shield.

That makes sense. Amazon could be one of the primary candidates to purchase the rights to Monday Night Football when the current TV deals expire after the 2022 season. ESPN will be hard pressed to fork over $2.5 billion or more per year for the games, and Amazon may be willing to roll the dice on what would result in an explosion of $99-per-year Amazon Prime memberships, along with advertising that would be targeted to the buying habits of each user and the ability to press a button in order to replenish the personal supply of Right Guard, Rogaine, and/or Viagra.

Not that I use more than two of those products.