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At this point, only Aaron Rodgers could prevent trade to Jets from happening

Jets G.M. Joe Douglas is confident Aaron Rodgers will land in New York, which leads Mike Florio and Chris Simms to outline why they believe the trade will happen during the 2023 NFL Draft.

It’s been nearly four weeks since Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers publicly declared his “intention” to play for the Jets. That remains the most likely outcome, barring one thing.

A potential change in intention.

Rodgers, as we’ve explained before, didn’t accidentally use the “I” word. It was, and still is, an opening to change his mind. To alter his intentions.

But in the 26 days since he declared his intentions, nothing has changed. There has been no remark or leak or anything from Rodgers suggesting that this is all taking too long, and that the delay has caused him to reconsider his intentions.

It could happen, in theory. The closer we get to the likely date of a trade (on or before April 28, the second day of the draft), the less likely that will occur. Rodgers would acquire super villain status in Metropolis if he were to bail at this point.

Not that he seems to care all that much about being a villain. But he’d be hated throughout New York and New Jersey if he reneged on his intentions now, with no warning or prepositioning or anything to get anyone prepared for the possibility that the toothpaste was going back in the tube.

So, yes, Rodgers will be in New York, as Jets G.M. Joe Douglas recently said. It’s just a matter of when the two sides will work out a deal for the compensation on the trade. And it likely will happen at some point between now and April 28.