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Bidding for jar of sand from Tom Brady retirement location approaches six figures

Following Tom Brady's retirement announcement, Chris Simms and Ahmed Fareed unpack the timing of the decision and discuss the future Hall of Famer's lasting impact on the NFL.

There’s a sucker born every minute. And some of them end up with more than enough money to waste on stupid stuff.

Case in point, someone has bid $99,800 for a jar of sand from the spot where Tom Brady shot his completely impromptu, totally unplanned, and absolutely spontaneous retirement video on Wednesday morning.

I don’t know nearly enough about eBay to know whether this whole jar-of-sand thing is being staged. My personal bullshit detector is beeping, however. I currently wonder whether it’s all fugazi, possibly a product of Brady’s ultra-creative social-media team.

Could it be part of a plan to keep him firmly in the conversation, on the same weekend that the vanity film he produced has debuted in theaters?

Again, I don’t know if it’s all contrived. I’m just suspicious, because it seems too weird to be true.

And I also think that, if it was the product of a creative mind that hopes to keep the national focus on All Things Tommy, it was freakin’ brilliant.