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Bill Belichick rattles off Patriots players who would have been good at lacrosse

The Premier Lacrosse League debuted this weekend, with multiple games played at Gillette Stadium. The same Gillette Stadium where the Patriots play.

So it’s no surprise that Patriots coach and lacrosse aficionado Bill Belichick attended. It’s a mild surprise that he agreed to be interviewed by Paul Burmeister of NBC Sports.

Actually, Belichick was excellent -- loose, open, chatty. Basically the same way everyone who knows him says that he is when he gets away from football.

“This is a lot more enjoyable,” he said about his experience on the sideline at his team’s home stadium. “I don’t have to worry as much about all the things that we have going on.”

Belichick played lacrosse in high school and for four years at Wesleyan.

“I love lacrosse,” Belichick said. “It’s a fun sport to play.” He focused on the flow of the game, the quick transitions from offense to defense to loose balls to unsettled situations, with the pace being “kind of like hockey.”

So which Patriots players would make good lacrosse players? Belichick dusted off a bit from three years ago regarding quarterback Tom Brady’s suitable for goaltender, because he can’t run.

Belichick then rattled off names like Patrick Chung and Devin McCourty, adding that players like Tedy Bruschi, Rodney Harrison, and Mike Vrabel would have been great defensemen.

It was a great interview with Belichick. Check it out in the attached video.