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Brady keeps praising LaFell


When Patriots quarterback Tom Brady last praised new receiver Brandon LaFell, Brady distinguished LaFell from “little pygmies” like Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman.

This time around, Brady found a way to talk up LaFell without throwing stones at guys who could easily duck them.

“I’ve really enjoyed being with him,” Brady told reporters regarding LaFell. “He’s added a lot. He’s got a real love for the game, and he does a great job out there getting open. He just keeps making more plays. It’s really fun for a quarterback to see guys out there really working hard to make the improvements and then really do it, and hopefully it continues to carry over. It’s been a lot of fun to be with him.”

Then came the praise for the guys Brady slighted the last time around.

“And Julian [Edelman] and Danny [Amendola] -- [it’s the] same thing,” Brady said. "[Kebrell Thompkins] has been making a bunch of plays. All those guys who have been out there are great. The offensive line keeps building, and they’re really the strength of our team. I’ve got a lot of confidence in our group, but we’ve just got to go out and keep doing it, keep making improvements and learn from our mistakes, and then go out and execute when it matters.”

For the Patriots, it matters most when the playoffs come along. By then, we’ll know a lot more about whether Brady’s weapons are getting it done.