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Brandon Beane on Josh Allen: We have to look at why red zone turnovers happened

Mike Florio and Chris Simms react to a video update from Damar Hamlin, where the safety thanks everyone for all the support he has received, and question what next steps will look like.

Bills General Manager Brandon Beane said recently that the only thing he’d criticize quarterback Josh Allen about is the amount of hits he takes on the field, but that’s not the only area where he sees room for improvement in 2023.

During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Beane discussed Allen’s season and said he thought it was a strong one in general for the quarterback. One exception involved interceptions in the end zone, however.

Allen threw five of them during the season, which was the most in the league and the most he’s thrown in a single season. Beane said he wants the team to dig into “what things we can help with” to make sure that does not remain a problem next season.
“Josh had a really good year overall. Probably had some where he was careless with the ball. That happens, though,” Beane said. “We know who Josh is and he always believes there’s a play to be made and a lot of time he makes them. We always try to remind ourselves that you can’t get onto him because look at home many times he does make a play. This year more than others he did have some red zone turnovers, we have to look at why that happened.”

Beane said he believes Allen has “a good plan” for the offseason and that he will return “even more determined” to be more effective near the end zone.