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Brett Favre: Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes play the way I played

The conversation about how much freedom Aaron Rodgers should have at the line of scrimmage continues with former Packers quarterback Brett Favre weighing in.

Brett Favre likes what he sees from a couple of the NFL’s bright young quarterback stars.

Favre says Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes are the two quarterbacks in the NFL today whose playing styles most remind him of himself.

“There’s no question that the sky is the limit for Baker,” Favre told Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon-Journal. “And, yeah, I think his style of play, and I’ve heard the same thing about Mahomes, and I agree with both, that their styles of play — if you had to pick a former player — would certainly match up to my style.”

Favre says he sees Mayfield and Mahomes going beyond how the play was drawn up when the circumstances call for it, and he likes to see that.

“It’s a play-action fake that you’ve never seen before or a flip, underhand pass or diving over three defenders or ducking your head and getting the extra yard,” Favre said. “Those are the type of things that are the unexpected that will become, at some point, maybe expected with a guy like Baker or Mahomes. Playing [quarterback] the way I played and the way Baker and Mahomes play is they just kind of have that added little sixth sense.”

That is high praise from a Hall of Famer, but based on the early returns from Mahomes and Mayfield, that praise is justified.