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Brett Favre continues to be entangled in Mississippi political scandals

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We’ve known for a while about Brett Favre receiving $1.1 million in Mississippi welfare funds for an apparent no-show appearances. (He has since paid the money back. Slowly. But without interest.) A new report from Mississippi Today has more details that tie Favre to potential political corruption in Mississippi.

A lengthy and detailed story by Anna Wolfe explores the connection between Favre, a drug company in which he invested, public welfare funds, and former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.

Favre reportedly hoped to make at least $20 million from biomedical startup Prevacus, which touted a treatment for concussions. Favre, per the report, may have leveraged Bryant for funding and political influence.

“It’s 3rd and long and we need you to make it happen!!” Favre texted Bryant in late 2018.

“I will open a hole,” Bryant replied.

Within days after that exchange, Favre reportedly met with welfare officials to reach an agreement on a $1.7 million investment in Prevacus. Prosecutors contend that money was stolen from federal funding aimed at providing services to the poorest residents of one of the nation’s poorest states.

Two days after Bryant left office in early 2020, he agreed to accept stock in the company.

Bryant admitted to Mississippi Today that the timeline “doesn’t look good,” but he claims he never intended to accept Prevacus stock and that he didn’t read his text messages closely enough to realize that the company had received public funding.

Said Favre in a text to one of his partners in Prevacus, “Don’t know if legal or not but we need cut him in.” Favre later said this: “Also if legal I’ll give some of my shares to the Governor.”

For more on the situation, check out the article. Although Favre has yet to be accused of anything not legal, it’s another bad look for the Hall of Famer.