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Brett Favre wishes the NFL had a 17-game season when he played

Mike Florio reveals the PFT Power Rankings heading into Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season and answers mailbag questions about his picks.

In the season that begins tomorrow night in Tampa, the NFL will expand to 17 games for the first time ever. Plenty of current players don’t like it. At least one former player would have preferred if it had been that way during his career.

“I just wish that it would have happened while I was playing,” Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre said Wednesday on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I would much rather play an extra regular-season game or two or three than preseason. Yeah, you run the risk of injury or the percentages go up -- I don’t know how much -- but I would assume playing one series in a preseason game versus four quarters in a regular-season game the percentages would go up. You know, I’ve said this my whole career. I’d much rather practice, study, do all the things you have to do, and at the end of the week play for real, versus maybe not even playing as some do during preseason. o I think [the 17-game schedule] is a really good thing. I just wish it would have happened while I was playing.”

Favre started 297 straight games during his career. That streak would have been even longer, with a 17-game season.

Staying healthy for 17 games continues to be the biggest question. It’s already a grind with 16 games. But it sounds as if Favre would glad swap reduced practice time for increased game time.